Sunday, May 15, 2011

My husband John 1945 - 2011

My husband John died on May 5, 2011 after being healthy his entire life and then experiencing the brief illness that took his life. He was only 65 years old when he died. We thought we had many years left, and had many plans for adventures in the future.

He was a good man. Quiet, thoughtful, generous, and patriotic. He loved me and his kids and grandkids, and he loved the rest of his family and his many friends. He loved this country. I think he had a good life, and accomplished many things.

He spent many years as a research chemist at Midwest Research Institute and was always very busy on projects and business trips. Many of his research studies added to the base of knowledge of water and air pollution in this country.

In 2008, he retired and we moved to New Mexico, and I think the best part of his life began. He really blossomed as a community activist, a member of the Republican Party, and was chairman of the Santa Fe Tea Party. He worked on various local and state issues. He learned to speak in public, and to testify at the State Legislature. He gave his first interview to the press on April 16, and did a good job. He was committed to working for his country until his last breath, and he did just that.

He had two grandchildren, Victoria and Alessandro, whom he adored. They brought a new dimension to his life and brought out the playful kid in him. I regret deeply that he will not see them grow up and that they have lost a grandfather.

His funeral mass was at the St. Francis Cathedral Basilica here in Santa Fe on Tuesday, May 10, followed by a military ceremony at the Santa Fe NAtional Cemetery, where he was buried.

Oh, I will miss him! We were married for 42 years, and I never dreamed his time would come so quickly to be called by God to Heaven. I envisioned many wonderful years together, growing old here in New Mexico.

I have already learned some lessons: Do not wait a moment to tell the people you love how much they mean to you and express to them the good things they have done in your life. They need to hear while they are alive what impact they have made on you and the world around them.

And remember, life can be extremely fragile. Do the things you are planning to do. Make every single day and moment special in little ways and in big ways.

Rest in peace, my beloved husband. We will see each other again.