Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Day at La Casa de Towanda

Christmas Day is so much more fun with a little child to share the excitement and joy. Our Christmas morning was such a good time and we will have the pictures and memories of this day forever.

And we notice how silent the house is now that the week is over, and life is getting back to our quiet "normal".

Monday, December 29, 2008

A stop at Tecolote Cafe

We stopped for a late breakfast at Tecolote Cafe the day after Christmas. It was a cold snowy day. We had a long wait before getting our meal, but it is always worth it there. Fun to do some people watching, then even better to get our meal.

First up: the bakery basket of muffins and biscuits: I think I could make a whole meal of just these! Then on to some of the BEST food in Santa Fe ... We all had dishes with their always-spicy green chile, except for my grand-daughter who had french toast.

The second best part of Tecolote (the food is first) is the service. All the wait-staff and the hostesses, etc. are so friendly and attentive. My son in law, who is Argentine, had fun talking in Spanish to a young waitress who is from Mexico and they had a long conversation about how dangerous Mexico is now.

We will make many trips back to Tecolote Cafe in the future. I am glad our visitors liked it as much as we do.

The Plaza Cafe, Santa Fe

The Plaza Cafe in Santa Fe bills itself as the oldest restaurant in the city, in business since 1918. We went there for the first time on Christmas Eve for lunch while we shopped on the Plaza. It met all of our tests -- including the spicy green chile requirement. WOW - Carlos and I were grabbing for the sopaipillas to cool off our mouths.

What we didn't try -- and we should have -- was the biggest draw at the restaurant -- the incredible desserts. John got a few pictures of them:

Next time I am going to splurge and have one one those -- but the choice will be the hardest part!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Victoria and some friends

The entire past week has been an adventure for Victoria.

On the Plaza in Santa Fe

These pictures were taken on Christmas Eve on the Santa Fe Plaza:

Carlos and Victoria on the Plaza:

Victoria bossing around some little kid she just met:

Karin looking at jewelry the Indians were selling at the Palace of the Governors:

Palace of the Governors at the Plaza in Santa Fe:

Street at the Plaza:

More downtown Santa Fe

More of John's pictures. These were on December 24, 2008

Very typical Santa Fe door:

St. Francis Cathedral, "wrapped" for renovations:

View from La Fonda Parking Hotel Garage:

Stained glass window at La Fonda Hotel:

Gift Shop, La Fonda Hotel:

Scenes around downtown Santa Fe

These pictures were all taken by John on December 23, 2008.

Entrance to Guadalupe Cafe:

Entrance to Rio Chama Restaurant:

Mission Cafe near the State Capitol Building:

Santa Fe Plaza at Christmas

We went to the Plaza in downtown Santa Fe on Friday, the day after Christmas.

It was a bitter cold and snowy day, but we had fun wandering around the area, going in shops and watching Victoria play with a little girl in the snow.

Thank goodness for HOT COFFEE at Starbuck's!

Two mimes were on the bandstand waiting to annoy people:

Karin, Carlos and Victoria "enjoying" the Santa Fe weather:

Carlos thinking about a 90ยบ Christmas in Buenos Aires:

Saturday, December 27, 2008

My favorite picture from this past week.

My daughter and my grand-daughter were talking and watching the snow falling outside our living room window.

(Picture taken by John.)

Victoria's First Snowman

Well, actually, it was a snowgirl we were told.

For a four year old from Texas who rarely sees any snow, this week was a lot of fun indeed.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!




Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Walking around in Santa Fe

Yesterday we had lunch at the Guadalupe Cafe right next door to the New Mexico State Capitol building. After lunch I got a few pictures as we walked back to the place where we parked the truck.

Oldest house in the USA:

Oldest church in the USA:

Courtyard at the Pink Adobe:

Courtyard at the Guadalupe Cafe: