Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas knitting is done

I have been busy this fall knitting simple scarves for Christmas gifts.

The pattern is so easy I can knit while I watch TV in the evenings. I have made five scarves, and these two are my last ones.

I hope for once my daughter is too busy to look at my blog, or she will see one of her Christmas presents!


Kris, in New England said...

OMG those are just gorgeous!!! Wish I had the patience to knit - though I do counted cross stitch, you'd think I could be patient enough to knit. But I'm not.

That's why there are people like you and my friend Liz - who knit so beautifully and are so generous with the results!

Towanda said...

Kris - I love counted cross stitch and I was doing a lot of it back about ten years ago -- and THEN I started having problems with my hands -- after two carpal tunnel surgeries and 7 trigger finger releases, and a lot of arthritis set in, I can't do the close work required for the cross stitch anymore and I really miss it.

But I can still knit, nothing fancy but I like to do it. Now that my Christmas stuff is done, I am looking through patterns for a new project. I think maybe a sweater set for the new baby my nephew's wife just had -- or maybe I'll just head back to the sweaters I do for Knit for Kids, a charity endeavor.

Buck said...

Beautiful scarves, Sharon. And you most certainly have had more than your share of trials and tribulations with your hands. My condolences.