Monday, December 29, 2008

A stop at Tecolote Cafe

We stopped for a late breakfast at Tecolote Cafe the day after Christmas. It was a cold snowy day. We had a long wait before getting our meal, but it is always worth it there. Fun to do some people watching, then even better to get our meal.

First up: the bakery basket of muffins and biscuits: I think I could make a whole meal of just these! Then on to some of the BEST food in Santa Fe ... We all had dishes with their always-spicy green chile, except for my grand-daughter who had french toast.

The second best part of Tecolote (the food is first) is the service. All the wait-staff and the hostesses, etc. are so friendly and attentive. My son in law, who is Argentine, had fun talking in Spanish to a young waitress who is from Mexico and they had a long conversation about how dangerous Mexico is now.

We will make many trips back to Tecolote Cafe in the future. I am glad our visitors liked it as much as we do.


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