Sunday, December 14, 2008

More snow in Eldorado

Heavy snowstorm for a while this morning. Right now it looks beautiful. Tried to get a good picture of my dogs, but one was racing and leaping around the yard and the other was sitting at the door waiting to go back in the house.

The front part of our lot between our house and the road (Sangre de Cristo Mountains to the northeast):

The Jemez Mountains to the west:

The Sangre de Cristo Mountains to the northeast - still getting snow:

(Still practicing with the snow pictures....)

1 comment:

Buck said...

Quite... wait for it... picturesque!

I love those low-scudding clouds in the distance!

The dog pics brought back fond memories. My pups LOVED snow and would cavort in it for hours, if left to their own devices. The three of them provided endless hours of winter entertainment for TSMP and I, back in the day.