Sunday, December 7, 2008

Scenes from the Pecos Mountains

The Sangre de Cristo Mountains north of Pecos have some pretty spectacular scenery. Here are some pictures we took on Friday when we were up in the mountains to get our Christmas tree:


Bag Blog said...

It is one thing to run all over a Christmas tree yard looking for just the right tree, but it is another thing when you have to climb all over the side of the mountain. One rule to remember is that the tree may look small out in the woods, but it is often huge in your house.

Towanda said...

Lou - that was EXACTLY what I told my husband when we were looking at one ponderose pine that didn't look too bad -- but it was so wide it would have filled up and completely overwhelmed the spot in our living room where we have room for a tree.

The blue spruce we finally decided to cut is tall and skinny -- and I still bet it will look big in the living room.