Friday, September 28, 2007

September waning...

September is nearly over. It was a busy month for us. The work work work work continues on our house here in Kansas. Two weeks ago we had carpeting installed throughout the house, and it does wonders to make the interior of our house look fresh and new; it will make selling it quicker and getting the best price for it much more possible. It looks like we can get the work on the house finished in time to put it on the market in the early spring 2008.

Our other focus during the month of September was the wedding of our son on September 22. Many relatives were in from out of town, and it was a busy and wonderful time. It was a nice break from all the work on the house and the move. And we have a wonderful new daughter in law!

NOW with September waning ….we can get back to working on the plans to move to New Mexico in the coming year. A decision between plan A and B will come early this fall, I would imagine.

We are going out to Santa Fe the first weekend in October! We will meet with a builder and interview him, get references from him, and hopefully a bid for building a home on our property. We will also look at some existing houses in Eldorado that are currently on the market. It’s strictly a business trip…but of course we will find time to have some great New Mexican dinners in our favorite Santa Fe restaurants…and enjoying some of the fall scenery with the golden aspens in the mountains…I can hardly wait!

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