Thursday, October 25, 2007

Majoring in New Mexico 101 this fall

It feels like we are in a holding pattern right now. We cannot move to Santa Fe until May 2008. We cannot put our house here up for sale until early spring. We cannot buy a house in Santa Fe until the same time.

So. We continue our work on our house, getting it readly to sell. We still can find things to donate or throw away. We still find things to pack up. But spring of next year sure seems a long way off.

Here in the midwest for the present time, I use my spare time to learn more about New Mexico. There is a rich array of New Mexico websites out there, as well as some excellent work by New Mexico bloggers.

My favorite New Mexico websites: - I love the New Mexico forum, and am learning so much from the members who post there. The City-Data site also has a wealth of statistics about the state.

Santa Fe New - The Santa Fe daily newspaper carries news from all over northern New Mexico. It is my lifeline to the latest community news from my future home. Lots of great features.

Kent Jones Eldorado Area Real Estate - Kent is our realtor in Santa Fe. He has a great website that has the latest information on available homes in the area. I check it often to see what is on the market, even though it will be months before we are out there to buy a house.

Santa -
Santa Fe Always Online -
These are my two favorite Santa Fe sites. A wealth of information about the city.

El - A really fun site about things to do in New Mexico.

New - Website of the New Mexico Department of Tourism

New Mexico Scenic Byways - Wonderful site for planning trips around the state.

New Mexico Magazine - We get the magazine in the mail, but the website provides a quick reference to features from the magazine.

Off the Road - Another great site for NM trip-planning.

Spanish Santa Fe - Highlighting the spanish culture of Santa Fe, NM.

Duke City Fix - Everything you need to know about the city of Albuquerque, NM

Gil's Thrilling Web Site - Gil has traveled all over the state reviewing restaurants. I love his insights and opinions, and I will never have time to eat at as many NM restaurants as he has!

This is just a sampling of my favorite web sites featuring New Mexico.

Next post: I'll list my favorite New Mexico blogs.

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