Thursday, July 16, 2009

Heat wave

This past week we have had a heat wave in Santa Fe compared to our usual mild summer weather. It's been hovering around 90 - 95 every day. They tell us this happens for a week or two every summer, so I hope this is IT and then we get back to some cooler days and nights.

Luckily the humidity is lower than all the other places I have ever lived, and I wouldn't complain at all except we don't have any air conditioner or swamp cooler in this house so we rely on fans to move the air around and blinds to block the hot sun.


Bag Blog said...

My uncle was just in RR last week and said that the place he stayed did not have an air conditioner and it got hot. So he and his wife decided to leave early. My thoughts: No place in RR has an air conditioner and why would anyone think it was hot and then go to Wichita Falls!?

Buck said...

It's been triple-digit hot down this way for about a week now. But I'm not complaining... yet.

Lou: LOL on the RR/WF thing!

Karin Hosenfeld BS, RD/LD said...

OMG don't boil like a frog in "warm" water!! So, I'm guessing you wouldn't like the 111 Dallas heat would you? We get a break next week in NY. Finally!

Lin said...

Glad I'm not the only one finding this heat, well, HOT! And I even have a swamp cooler here. I would only run it if the inside temps got above 75 but I have to cool off the contractors working in the house. Make them boys comfortable, I say.

I talk with a friend everyday in WF - doesn't sound like any retreat from this heat to me either. Looks like they're getting 3 digits out by the Rat so I'm not complaining here yet ... but it's getting close.

Lin said...

P.S. I LOVE that log ceiling of yours. I'd add them here below the existing ceiling height if I didn't think I would bash my forehead on them. And have the fan cut off my head. Serious envy going on here.