Friday, March 5, 2010

Our choice for Governor

The Republican side has five candidates for governor in 2010: State Rep. Janice Arnold-Jones, Pete Domenici Jr., Susana Martinez, Doug Turner, and former NM GOP Chairman Allen Weh. We have met all of them but Domenici in recent months. Everyone of them has different strengths, and seem to be good people, but not all of them would be equally good as gubernatorial candidates, or as governor. In our opinion.

Last night we went to a private meet and greet event for Susana Martinez. She is the District Attorney in Doña Ana county (Las Cruces), down in the very southern part of New Mexico, with 14 years of experience and accomplishments. We met her and her husband once before - at the Santa Fe GOP Christmas Party, where we signed her petition to get on the ballot. And, several weeks ago she personally called me on the telephone to ask for our support in the campaign.

Last night we had another opportunity to talk to her and her husband Chuck personally. First of all -- what nice people! Down to earth and friendly and easy to talk to. But that is only the surface.

Susana talked to the crowd and answered questions. WOW - we loved her message. She is smart and tough and motivated and she knows the issues and she already has plans for what kind of admnistration she wants to have. I agree with her on every issue - smaller more efficient government, getting our HUGE bloated, corrupt, broken state government under control, especially reducing our enormous debt, making New Mexico once again attractive to businesses wanting to locate here, attracting gas and oil companies that left the state (crippled by high taxes and regulated to death by the current governor) to return, as well as her views on illegal immigration and sanctuary cities, Second Amendment rights, the deplorable education system here, etc. She had the crowd cheering with many of the points she was making.

What I liked best was that she is positive -- enthusiastic and hopeful about the future of the state if we can get good government and fiscal responsibility back.

John and I are sold on her as our candidate - we are committing ourselves to jumping in and working on her campaign.

She is also on Facebook and Twitter.

(Oh. One more note. Just yesterday Susana was named New Mexico Prosecutor of the Year by a peer group within the state bar association.)

Go Susana! (More to come on her campaign in future blog posts here.)


Kris, in New England said...

Wow - you guys really are jumping in with both feet. Good for you!

Towanda said...

Yes, this election year is going to be very exciting, and out here in NM we are in the process of looking for the best candidates to back in the various races. It's really fun meeting so many of them in person.