Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wednesday at the Cathedral

We were in downtown Santa Fe at the Plaza yesterday with John's cousin. Here are a few pictures we got of statues at St. Francis Cathedral Basilica:

The first two statues are St. Francis, patron saint of the cathedral:

This statue is a memorial to the Spaniards who settled Santa Fe:


Brigette said...

I have so many pictures of my kids climbing on that statue over the years. I wish the teenagers hadn't discovered the park and decided to make it their favorite place to congregate, swear in front of little kids and throw cigarette butts on the ground.

Towanda said...

Oh Brigette, I can sure relate to that comment! The day we were there, a group of half a dozen teenagers was there gathered around the statue, and the language was enough to blister my ears .. and I am not a prude. But the setting was so WRONG to have to listen to the "F" word and other obscenities tossed around while our guest and we were trying to enjoy the beauty of the statues and the park. It was most disturbing. I wonder how many tourists are affected negatively by what they see there and how much it contributes to a bad impression of the plaza area?