Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Out in the political campaign world

Busy busy busy!

John and I are very involved right now with both the Republican Party of Santa Fe County as well as the Santa Fe NM Tea Party. We have elections coming up on Nov. 2 which we feel might be one of the most important elections of our lifetime. We just can't sit back on the sidelines and watch the action...we feel we must jump in and become part of the action.

We are supporting Susana Martinez for Governor, John Sanchez for Lt. Governor, Dianna Duran for Secretary of State, Matt Chandler for Attorney General, Matt Rush for Land Commissioner, Errol Chavez for State Auditor, Tom Mullins for 3rd Congressional District congressman, and Brigette Russell for the 47th District State legislature seat. We are excited about the candidates we are supporting and hope to see some dramatic changes in New Mexico on Nov. 2.

I am telling you all of this to tell you I probably will not be able to do many blog posts in the next 70 days as these priorities are so important to us. We are looking forward to taking a nice rest on Nov. 3!


Jenny said...

I can't wait for this election to get here!! Both the Matts are great. Chandler has done an awesome job here locally. And I've known Matt Rush personally for about 10 years when he and his dad had a business together. They are both going to do a great job for New Mexico!

Towanda said...

Jenny, We love the Matts too. what wonderful assets the two of them would be to our state government. I love what Matt Chandler has done in Clovis - his record on crime is awesome.
And Matt Rush -- well he is just a doll that we older ladies want to mother. They have to be making a great impression out on the campaign trail, and I hope they will be successful on Nov. 2. We will all be the better in New Mexico if they get elected.

WasSoggyInSeattle said...

Someone was telling me about T-shirts that say: January 20, 2013: The End of an Error. LOVE IT!