Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas at Chimayó

We love to go to Chimayó, to visit the little miracle church nestled there in the hills of this simple little Hispanic town. My daughter loves it there are much as I do, and perhaps we kindled a spark in my grand-daughter's heart the day we went there just before Christmas; she seemed especially thoughtful during our visit.

At Chimayó, John and I always seem to find new things to photograph. (I wish we could take a picture of the interior of the church, or the miracle room full of handmade written prayers and abandoned crutches and walkers, baby shoes, and pictures of those for whom family members have requested prayer...but that is not allowed.)

At Chimayó it is easy to believe miracles happen.

In the room where pilgrims scoop out portions of the famed Chimayó dirt to take with them, I found a poem which a pilgrim from Las Cruces, G. Mendopa, had left at some time when he visited. The last two lines of the poem touched me:

"Of all the places in the world
This must be Heaven."



Bag Blog said...

Whenever I visit Chimayo or Truchas, I think about the book, "Red Sky at Morning" - the mountain towns with their interesting religions.

Buck said...

One of the prettiest sites in NM, no doubt about it.