Monday, January 3, 2011

Governor Susana Martinez is inaugurated

Saturday, January 1 was a bitter cold day in Northern New Mexico. Temperature in single digits. Wind chill -21º.

On the Plaza in Santa Fe New Mexico, our new governor Susana Martinez was inaugurated in a beautiful ceremony that included a Blackhawk helicopter flyover, a 21 gun cannon salute, Pueblo Indian dancers performing a prayer dance, Rep. Steve Pearce as the Master of Ceremonies, and the swearing in of the new governor, the new Lt. Governor John Sanchez, and our new Secretary of State Dianna Duran.

We were chilled to the bone standing there in the crowd in the brutal weather, layered in the warmest clothing we all had. But the spirit in the crowd was was warm, and jubilant and hopeful.

This was the first time a New Mexico governor has ever been sworn in outdoors on the Plaza since New Mexico has been a state. We estimated there were approximately 1500 people who gathered in the cold to see Susana take the oath of office. We thrilled to the stirring and optimistic words of our new governor, who is the first woman governor in New Mexico, and the first Hispanic woman governor in the United States. This day was historic for so many reasons. It was just very cool to be there and be a part of it.

We were pretty far from the bandstand, so all of John's pictures were taken from a distance, but I want to share them on my blog.


Susana taking the oath of office. Her husband First Gentleman Chuck Franco at her side. Also in picture: John Sanchez and Rep. Steve Pearce.

Governor Martinez giving her inaugural address. Also in the picture: Sec. of State Dianna Duran and Lt. Gov. John Sanchez.

Lt. Governor John Sanchez taking the oath of office. His wife Debra is at his side.

Dianna Duran taking the oath of office as Secretary of State, her husband at her side:

One of the Pueblo Indian dancers:

The press contingent at left:

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