Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tony Hillerman's Landscape

I love this story ... it comes from the book "Tony Hillerman's Landscape" by Anne Hillerman ... this story is told by Hillerman and ocurred some years ago:

"Traveling on a train to Los Angeles, I walked to the observation car to take in the full expanse of the same landscape. The tracks parallel the highway for much of the route from Albuquerque to Gallup. Towering cumulous clouds cast deep shadows that moved across the plan and canyons. A thunderstorm growing over Mount Taylor looked ominous and powerful and the low angle of the late afternoon sun made the desert glow red.

I shared the car with two men from elsewhere wearing suits and ties. The businessmen stood silently for a moment, looking at the sight. Then one said to the other, 'My God, why would anyone want to live here?' From the tone of voice, I knew that he couldn't imagine it. But I was thinking, 'Why would anyone want to live anywhere else?'"

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