Monday, October 24, 2011

Fighting for my best friend

I may not be able to blog very much for a while.

My dog Starman is sick and we are waging a fight for his life here.

After a long period of seizures early last Friday morning, he was treated at the very WONDERFUL Emergency Veterinary Clinic of Santa Fe, and had several tests which show something ominous going on inside his brain - either some form of cancer, or a rare immune response. The clinic has a fabulous neurology clinic with all the latest treatments. The neuro vet told me both conditions are treatable with meds and are affordable. So -- right now we are waiting for the test results to get a definitive diagnosis.

Star is home. He is acting like normal again. Eating, drinking, running around the yard, taking his medications. No seizures in 48 hours. I still feel like I must watch him every single minute, and I cannot leave him here alone at all.

The vet told me that other than the brain disorder, Starman is in excellent physical condition in every other aspect, and could live for four or five more years. Since he has been my main companionship since John died, I have decided to give him a shot. I will know if and when the time comes to let him go.

2011 has been a horrendous year for me, and if John were still here, it would be so much easier to go through this. But he isn't and I must suck it up and realize that life is not fair ... and try to go on. I keep reminding myself that God does not give us more than we can bear.

Happier times:


Bag Blog said...

I hope Starman does well on his meds. Dogs are such a comfort.

Anonymous said...

Sharon, we will be praying for Star. I am so sorry. HUGS!!!!

Towanda said...
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Towanda said...

Jeremy, thank you so much. If anyone knows what I am going through it is the Heart Bandits friends in Kansas (and Florida!) We have sure gone through a lot with our little band of dogs, haven't we? HUGS to you too. :)

Towanda said...

Thanks, Lou. So far he is doing well on his meds, and acting like himself. However, I know we are just treating the symptoms. We see the neurology vet tomorrow to discuss what the diagnosis might be and formulate a plan to begin treatment.

Yes, he is a great comfort to me and I will do whatever I can for him.

WasSoggyInSeattle said...

Praying for you both!

Anonymous said...

Yes we certainly have! I'm thinking of you and sending Eskie love from Florida! Please keep me posted!

Buck said...

I hope your silence since this post is just you and Starman having fun. My best wishes for your Best Friend, Sharon.