Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Problems with my blog

What in the world is going on with Google?

I have been trying to post pictures of spring flowers around my house for several weeks now, and finally have given up because the pictures will not post.

So instead I made a post about the Georgia O'Keefe book I am reading, and though I typed the post in paragraphs it is all jumbled together and I cannot edit successfully.

They apparently have switched the posting system, and it is nearly impossible to figure out, and when I thought I did, the post still does not look the way I typed it.

Bear with me....I am not giving up.

I will try another post soon and hope things go better.

(I am almost afraid to hit "publish" on this post and find that all the paragraphs I typed are jammed together into one paragraph.)

On Edit: I find that if I type in the paragraphs in HTML code it works. Is anyone else having this problem?,

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Val said...

Don't give up! I have found some of the changes in google (blogger and gmail) don't work correctly when I am working on a browser that hasn't been updated recently. If you haven't downloaded Google Chrome, I would highly recommend it, it makes doing google things easy and fun.