Friday, August 10, 2007

The Dream

My husband and I are just about to start out on our grand adventure.

We fell in love with New Mexico many years ago when we were young, and now .... 38 years later, we are going to fulfill our dream and move to Santa Fe.

We've been planning this for a long time now. We bought our property in the Eldorado community near Santa Fe in 1992. We have made and revised our list of priorities, needs, wants, etc. for a house on the lot. We have visited the property many times, and walked over every bit of it, among the juniper trees and the prickly pear cactus and the chamisa. We have studied the mountain ranges to the north (Sangre de Cristo) and the west (Jemez) to decide where to place a house on the lot. We have gone to many open houses in Eldorado, and met several builders and looked at their work. We have worked with an architect to design our dream house.

Finally we are nearly ready. We are getting our house in the midwest ready to sell.

The dream is becoming real!


clairz said...

I hope that when you start building your new house you will write about the process here. Love your writing, love the photos.

Rev said...

A dream is meant to come true, and yours is doing so. May this process be an exciting and wonderful adventure.