Thursday, August 16, 2007

It's Chile Season in the Land of Enchantment!

I'm here in the midwest...getting our house ready to sell .. we are renovating, painting, repairing, sprucing up, downsizing, cleaning out closets and cupboards, packing, getting rid of the accumulation of "stuff", planning for our move ...

BUT.....out in New Mexico....THE CHILES ARE IN SEASON! They are chile roasters in parking lots all over the state...hanging in strings of colorful ristras outside of shops. The smell of roasting chiles fills the air with that wonderful aroma.

It's just about the best time of the year in New Mexico. And next year!....Next year we should be there to be a part of it! For us ... the anticipation is growing.

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Laurel said...

Cool blog! Makes me want to learn more about New Mexico. In fact found beautiful pictures of wonderful NM flowers at
in the New Mexico Magazine's Summer Photo Tour 2007. Found out the State Grass is Blue Grama (not to be confused with blue-haired Grandma). ;-)