Friday, January 22, 2010

Looking out my windows

Just taken this morning:

Looking northeast:

Looking north:

Looking west:

Looking north:



Bag Blog said...

In NM, Februray was very hard on me because I was so tired of winter. March was always better because it was just warmer and you could feel spring coming on. Your photos make me cold.

Buck said...

I'm with Lou: Brrr. But... thanks for keeping it all up your way, Sharon! We're having gale-force winds today but at least it's warm!

WasSoggyInSeattle said...

A dusting here this AM which is all gone now. I love the snow... when I don't have to drive in it!!

Gina said...
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Jenny said...

Can't believe everyone else in NM got snow and all we got was wind!! Looks beautiful!

Towanda said...

Lou, I don't like it when it gets bitter cold and the wind is blowing. We do get that a lot.

Jenny -- I would try to send some your way, but I have explicit instructions from Buck to keep it all up here around Santa Fe!

Laurel said...

LOVE the little Eskie-prints in the snow!