Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our juniper tree with live ornaments

John looked out towards the front of our house yesterday, and one of the juniper trees was covered with bluebirds and robins. Real ones.

We pondered why a whole flock of them chose that one tree. Still don't know how they all knew to go to that particular tree, but John decided they knew to perch on the south side of the tree for warmth from the sun on a very cold morning.

They were only there for a short time, but long enough for John to get a few pictures, and for us to enjoy the really pretty view of our tree with "living ornaments."

Be sure to click on the pictures to enlarge.


Anonymous said...

So pretty!! Very cool!!

WasSoggyInSeattle said...

That is so cool. I've seen lots of robins here (not lately) but no blue birds - you are so lucky. And thanks for sharing.

Bag Blog said...

That is just way amazing. A friend of mine in Red River took a photo of hummingbirds (jillions) on her feeder and sent it to the news station in Alb. It was published on TV. I think your picture is better than hers!

Buck said...

Most excellent!