Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Republican Party of Santa Fe County Annual Convention

Yesterday John and I attended the Santa Fe Republican County convention. It was the first time we have ever attended such a meeting, so it was a real learning experience. The optimism and excitement and energy in the room was palpable: this was a group of people who feel like we are in a good position to make some progress in the GOP presence in our state.

We have not heard an official number of the total people who attended, we are guessing somewhere between 150 - 200. The best part was seeing most of the Republican friends, candidates and activists we have gotten to know in the past year, all in one place, to conduct official business. But the unofficial part - the increasing growth of our presence in Santa Fe County as more and more people get involved in this effort - is the most exciting to us.

Several items of business took place: we elected delegates to the state convention, we elected the county officers for the coming year, and we heard many candidates (or citizens representing candidates) give short speeches. We have SO MANY good people running for statewide office that it will be difficult to choose who to support in the primary election in May.

We had a caucus with our precinct which brings the participation right down to the level of our neighborhood.

County conventions are really the neatest part of our political process, I think. This is the actual grassroots in action, making decisions that will reverberate right up to the state and federal level.

Citizen participation in our government dates back to the first days of this country’s existence, and it is good to know that we still live in a country where free expression of our political beliefs is thriving.

It was an afternoon well spent. (I forgot to take my camera -- darn.)

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