Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tierra Wools

Some years ago, on a trip to New Mexico (partially house-hunting, partially sight-seeing) we drove up to Los Ojos, NM - way up north of Abiquiu in very rural somewhat desolate country.

In Los Ojos, there is quite a wonderful place called Tierra Wools, where yarn is made from the wool of local churro sheep. In the Tierra Wools store, craftspeople spin the wool, hand dye it, and weave it. There is a retail store where you can buy yarn for weaving or knitting, and they have weavers there demonstrating their craft.

It is a delightful place for a knitter or a weaver. The Tierra Wool yarn is expensive, but it is a New Mexico craft product, so I bought several skeins of it, and took it home to Kansas with me. I put it in my bin of yarn and forgot about it.

I got out the three skeins of yarn the other night, and decided to make something with it. I picked out a very simple scarf pattern, and I shall make myself a scarf made of Churro sheep wool from Los Ojos, New Mexico.

If you are a knitter or a weaver, and you can get up to northern New Mexico to visit Tierra Wools, you will find it well worth the trip. Till you can get there, you can visit their website: Los Ojos Handweavers / Tierra Wools

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Bag Blog said...

That sounds really cool - I love crafts like that.