Saturday, April 3, 2010

April arrives in a flurry of activity

Few signs of spring here in the high elevations of New Mexico as yet. No really warm days to date, though we have had a promise of warmer weather with some blue skies and sunshine. Then of course, there are the usual spring winds, which can whip up at any time and blow the dust around until you can see it in the air, and watch the tumbleweeds blowing around.

While we are not yet into spring planting or gardening, for us this has been a time of watching the political winds blow. Our past few months have been full of activities which are keeping us busy every single day - hence the few posts recently to my blog.

During the recent special session of the legislature, we attended many hearings at the Capitol Building. What we learned is … IF there is enough turnout to oppose a bill, the committee holding the hearing is likely to table it. I don’t know if this is because they know the voters are watching them now and they are afraid of their re-election chances, or if they can truly see that some bills are very bad for New Mexico. What we also learned is that the state legislature has little interest in finding ways to reduce the size of our bloated government, and cut costs. In fact, they really seem unconcerned about addressing New Mexico’s huge economic problems at all, and are more interested in pushing little pet projects they have introduced…and in raising taxes. We elected them to be fiscally responsible…and they are not even addressing it!

We attended a seminar this past week here in Santa Fe sponsored by the League of Women Voters, on the subject of Immigration Reform. If you ever believed as I did that the League of Women Voters is nonpartisan as they claim…think again! Their claim is a big fat lie! On every issue where we have encountered them in Santa Fe, they do not remain neutral, but embrace THE MOST partisan liberal position. The immigration panel was a perfect example - six immigration "experts" who actually were a group of the most pro-immigration pro-amnesty activists they could round up. ALL were liberal far left partisans who spoke in defense of their position that welcoming immigrants with open arms is the only way to go, never acknowledging (but actually ridiculing) anyone who had another opinion. The words "illegal" or "alien" were never even mentioned, nor was any reference to illegal immigration as a crime. It was frustrating to sit through and we were outnumbered about 60 - 3. We left before the meeting was over, and I vented all the way home! Little chance that we are going to see the end of Santa Fe as a sanctuary city anytime soon.

We have our Santa Fe Tea Party coming up on Tax Day, April 15, on the Santa Fe Plaza from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. We’ve been working hard for weeks now, holding planning meetings and sign-making parties every Weds. night at the Whole Hog BBQ on Cerrillos Rd. Our plans are firmed up, we have some excellent speakers, we are enthusiastic and nearly ready. 12 days to go!




Then there are the primary election campaigns, which are beginning to heat up. Primary day is June 1, so we have less than two months to get ready. There are five Republican candidates for governor in New Mexico, and nearly every one of them would be a good choice. We have decided to support Susana Martinez, the District Attorney of Doña Ana Country, because we have gotten to know her and we are very impressed with her background, her ideas for reforming the mess the state is in, and her chances against her other opponents, (See my blog post of March 5, 2010).

In the 3rd Congressional District race, John and I part ways. He is for Tom Mullins, a businessman from Farmington, NM, and I am leaning towards Adam Kokesh, a libertarian Republican Iraqi war vet. This campaign is so interesting, since the candidates differ SO much -- but we need to pick the one who has a chance to defeat our first term representative, Ben Ray Luján, in the general election.

Then, one of our friends has decided to run for the state legislature from the 47th State District. Brigette Russell just got into the race a couple of weeks ago, and the Republicans here are really excited about this race. There is much work to be done between now and November - Democrats outnumber the Republicans in this district 4 to 1, but nothing is impossible with the Republican and independent voters of this country very disappointed in where the Democrats have taken us, and ready to unseat incumbents who have not been working for our best interests. The current first-term incumbent Brian Egolf NEEDS TO BE VOTED OUT. Brigette is running on a platform of fiscal responsibility in state government, education reform in a state that ranks near the bottom of the national level in education, and tougher laws on drunk driving in this state. She’s going to be a dynamic candidate.

Even with all of this going on, I will continue to look for signs of spring: perennial plants popping up out of the ground, trees budding out, and the return of our hummingbirds later this month.


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Buck said...

Happy Easter to you and John, Sharon. It's a bright beautiful Spring day down this way after about a week of hellish wind. I plan to get out and enjoy it for all it's worth.

re: If you ever believed as I did that the League of Women Voters is nonpartisan as they claim…think again!

I DID believe that until a close encounter of a similar sort with the LoWV back when I lived in Upstate NY. To say I was shocked was an understatement of massive proportions, but The Second Mrs. Pennington was more shocked than I. We both came away sadder yet wiser.

As I said over at my place: Good On you and John for your activism. I've been mulling over becoming a New Mexican for about a year now. I just MIGHT pull the trigger before November.