Saturday, September 4, 2010

Green Chile 2010

Today was our green chile day here at our house. For many New Mexicans, freezing green chile in late summer every year is a state tradition. This is the third year of our residency here, and our third year to prepare roasted green chile to put in our freezer for the coming year.

We went into town this morning to get our green chiles roasted in the neat roasters designed especially for chile. You see them all over town, and the aroma is soooooo wonderful.

This year I remembered to get some pictures of each step of the chile process.

Worst part? Preparing the chiles is a lot of work and we are really tired when we're done.
Best part? A freezer full of the chiles to enjoy for the coming year. yummmm....

Our chiles in the roaster at Jackalope on Cerrillos Rd. in Santa Fe...

The chiles when we got them home:

In the ice water bath:


Ready to go into the freezer bags:

The finished chile, in the freezer for the winter:

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Bag Blog said...

I miss the smell of green chilies roasting on the street corners. Toby and I were just talking about needing some chilies. Sometimes we have to roast our own, and I put them in freezer bags without peeling them. They peel very easy as they come out of the freezer. We were also missing going to the State fair and seeing the horse races, etc.