Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Constitution Ride Across America

Daren Gardner is a 50 year old Virginia businessman who became committed a year ago to doing something for his country. He decided on a motorcycle ride across the United States, stopping at every state capitol to give a speech on the U.S. Constitution, and getting an elected official in every state to sign a petition pledging to uphold the Constitution.

On Wednesday, October 6, Daren rode into Santa Fe, accompanied by 6 riders from Gallup, NM. It was a gorgeous New Mexico early fall day, and a small but enthusiastic crowd was there to greet him and hear his speech.

(The elected official that he got to sign his pledge was State Senator George Munoz from Gallup. He is a Democrat who has been in the state legislature since 2009.)

I got some pictures at the rally:

Daren Gardner:

Daren with veterans behind him:

John speaking at the rally:

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