Thursday, October 21, 2010

The crosses in my house

I have been accumulating cool little crosses for my house ... here are some of them:

From the Plaza in Santa Fe:

This cross is made from tin from the roof at the church at ChimayĆ³:

Cross from my friend Clara in Kansas as a going away gift:

Cross from my friend Patrick in Ireland:


WasSoggyInSeattle said...

Love these! They are all so beautiful.

Kris, in New England said...

Oh I love them all! I've never been one for religious iconography (long story coming from my extremely funadmentalist evangelical childhood religion).

Now that we are in the process of converting to Catholicism - I can't get enough of crosses!

I always like them but my former religion forbid them. Now I feel like I 47 years of pent-up desire for them is being unleashed!

I really love the first 2 you pictured - just gorgeous.

Val said...

I love the Chimayo cross. I have been looking at those and thinking about getting one. Did you get it at the jewelery store on Guadalupe?