Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Espanola Day at the Roundhouse

John and I have been spending so many hours at the New Mexico State Capitol Building that it has begun to feel like our second home. We have attended countless committee meetings, followed proposed bills that are important to us, met some really good people who are working hard to fix this state, seen some of the most outrageous behavior from legislators that you can imagine, and experienced many more disappointments than victories. We're tired. The annual session ends this weekend and we get our lives back.

The nicest part about our days spent hanging out watching the proceedings, is that every day at the Roundhouse there are exhibitors there from many New Mexico organizations, cities, colleges, etc. I love wandering past the exhibition tables, talking to people from all over the state, and picking up little goodies they are giving away. Just last week, at the Navajo Nation Diabetes table, they gave me a potholder, a back scratcher, a fan, and a set of measuring spoons. A week before that John and I got really nice small leather bound calendar/appointment books from a medical clinic in Espanola.

Speaking of Espanola, a couple of weeks ago they were having an Espanola Day at the Roundhouse, with lots of interesting exhibits. A girl from Northern New Mexico College gave me some fresh bulbs of garlic from their college garden.

I got a few pictures that day:

The House of Representatives chamber taken from the visitors gallery:

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