Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The new year and our new adventure

WOW. It’s the new year! It’s 2008!!!

2008 is the year that we expect to change our lives.

My husband will retire in 2008, we will put our house here in the Midwest up for sale, we will buy a house in New Mexico and we will move to Santa Fe.

What I am hoping for is not a year of stress, but a year of anticipation and excitement and fun as our adventure takes place. Our dream comes true in 2008.

Here is the status of our hunt for the perfect house for us: In October 2007, we looked at 14 houses in Eldorado at Santa Fe, New Mexico. We narrowed our search down to about 6 houses we really liked, never dreaming months later any of them would still be for sale.

As of yesterday when I checked, five of the houses are still listed for sale. One has been removed from the market. The price of four of them has been lowered. Several new listings look interesting, so it looks like we will still have a good number to choose from...all of which have the main features we are looking for.

Our house-hunting trip to New Mexico will be in just a couple of months. I’m ready! I’m so ready to get on with it!

In my kitchen on a shelf I have a small covered wagon which I bought some years ago. On its side it says “Santa Fe or Bust”, and it has been a talisman for me, the symbol of our big move west.

And now it is happening. It’s 2008 and it is finally happening!


Buck Pennington said...

And now it is happening. It’s 2008 and it is finally happening!

I'm SO looking forward to the tales of your "Adventures in Moving," Sharon. Here's hoping you find that perfect house and the move is as smooth as possible.

And smooth-moves ARE possible, regardless of what conventional wisdom sez. I've had at least two. ;-)

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...
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Bag Blog said...

If you look further north, say around Taos, I have a good friend who is a real estate agent with Century 21. Her name is Kathy Hall.

We lived in Taos for one year, but it was way too much of a city for me (Santa Fe makes my eyes roll back in my head). I grew up further north in Red River and Questa. My house was north of Questa on the mountain side of the valley overlooking the Rio Grande with the Spanish Peaks showing to the north in CO. It was so beautiful.

Lin said...

How could I get things so messed up; I thought you already had a lot and were going to have to deal with contractors from afar. I am SO relieved to hear otherwise now. This will take so much stress out of your move.

Towanda said...

Buck ~ My goal is to have a smooth move. I am anal at planning out my life (one of my goals when I get to NM is to learn to live in a more relaxed way), so of course I have planned the perfect move. Isn't it fun seeing how differently things turned out than the way we planned them?

Bagblog ~ We're definitely decided on Eldorado near Santa Fe. It's far enough from the city that I won't have that "Get me out of this city!!!" feeling after a while. I think we have been in or near Questa in the past. I know I just love the mountains around Taos, Eagle Nest, Red River, Angel Fire. What an area to grow up in!

Lin ~ No you didn't get things messed up. The original plan was to build a house on our propeerty that we have owned for years. But finding a builder who could give us a quote that we could afford, or finding one who would just follow through with staying in contact with us proved impossible, and we made the decision to buy an existing home. The cool thing is that they have more features than we could afford to put in a new house, so it is a much better deal for us with much more bang for our buck. And we can sell our property which is now worth about 6times more than we paid for it, and make a nice little profit.

Lin said...

Thanks, I am so relieved to hear how things worked out. Sounds like a win/win situation!

Val said...

Good luck with your move! News in the Santa Fe New Mexican this week says house sales in the county are very slow right now. It can work in your favor! - Val

Catmoves said...

Well, ok. Here's an "almost welcome" from N.M.
Just as a precaution, you might want to consider not being any where near the Galisteo area. There are problems with an oil company that might prove disasterous for the water table. See: http://drillingsantafe.blogspot.com/
Once you arrive you'll get a real welcome.

david mcmahon said...

Sounds like a big year. Hope all goes wonderfully ....

Came here from Catmoves' blog.

Towanda said...

Val ~ I am getting addicted to checking out Santa Fe real estate on a daily basis. I am noticing several more homes a week being put on the market in Eldorado, and some at considerably lower prices (for the same square feet and quality) than the ones we looked at in Oct. 07. You are right ... this is working in our favor!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Towanda said...

catmoves, I've been following the news about the problems in Galisteo. It's an area I don't think I would move to (too far out for us with the high gas prices, need for closer health care) but I love the area and hope they get the problems out there straightened out.

I am so anxious for this move....I can hardly wait for my real welcome!

Towanda said...

Hi David! Thanks for stopping by my blog....pleased to meet you!

Yes, very big year; it seems like we are in slow motion right now...but in the spring things (hopefully) should start happening quickly!