Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More great Santa Fe restaurants

According to our usual custom, every time we make a trip to Santa Fe, we try out more new restaurants…new to us, that is.

This past week we were only in Santa Fe for a couple of days, but we went to three new places:

1. The Blue Corn Café and Microbrewery. I had cheese enchiladas smothered in green chile (very spicy!) and John had soft tacos with beef and jalapeños ~ I think he found them too hot for his taste. Drinks were good: he had their pale ale and I had a house margarita with an unusual flavor … I think they used a lot of fresh lime in it. We liked the place, great décor, and we will go back.

2. The Flying Tortilla. This restaurant is the southside location for The Pantry; I think the menu is identical. Always on the search for great green chile, I got a breakfast burrito with cheese and green chile on top and I was not disappointed ~ another place with very spicy chile. The burrito was huge, too big to eat, and their home fries are just excellent. Another great Santa Fe restaurant. Judging by the crowd in there early in the morning, it is a popular place.

3. Home Run Pizza, Eldorado. We were running late on Friday, so we stopped in this little place at the Agora, and as soon as we walked in I said, “Ohhhhh! A real pizzeria. In New Mexico!” What an aroma! It was quite a surprising discovery for us easterners. We got subs ~ meatball for me and Italian sausage for John. They came on great bread and were delicious. And when we move to Eldorado, we can stop in and pick up one of their pizzas whenever we get the urge.

We also went to two of our old favorite restaurants: Diego’s and La Choza. They are always consistent with friendly service and wonderful food. La Choza is my number one favorite restaurant in Santa Fe. It is a little bit off the beaten path, near the rail yard, and I don’t think the tourists know about it … the clientele there seems to be locals … and locals always know where to get the best food in town!


Buck said...

Ah! I LOVE restaurant reviews! Would that I could write a couple about eateries in P-Ville, but they'd be universally bad, or mediocre, at best.

I live in a restaurant wasteland...


Lin said...

Heavens, you two hit more restaurants in three days than Mark and I do (or rather 'did') in a year. That's okay, I kept sneaking vicarious samples off your plates - oh yum!!!

Projetor said...

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Towanda said...

Lin and Buck ~ I think one of my favorite things about New Mexico is the food. I shall eat it occasionally in restaurants, but I also want to learn to become really good at cooking it with all the ingredients I can get there.

projetor ~ Thanks for visiting my blog. I see you are from Brazil. My son in law is from Argentina, and we got to visit there in 2005. It was just wonderful! I'll come see your blog!

Jenny said...

Whenever I go to Albuquerque I like to eat at Guarduno's. Good Mexican food and a strolling mariachi band. I think they have a location in Santa Fe. Also ate at a place called 505 that had some great food as well (again, in Abq. But that's not a far drive from SF).

And if you need to buy any western gear (boots/jeans/hats, stuff to fit into your new New Mexican lifestyle. LOL!), go to Western Warehouse. I worked there in high school and they have great stuff! LOL!