Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bloomin' New Mexico

(Picture taken near Pecos, New Mexico - unidentified flower at the roadside)


We have never been in New Mexico in August before. So we were unprepared for what the July monsoon season brought: flowers and bushes in brilliant bloom!

We have many things we can identify and some we cannot.

Our Russian sage is in full brilliant purple bloom and attracting hummingbirds.

Butterflies are coming to our fern bush and butterfly bush.

Something called a Blue Spirea is about to burst into bloom in our courtyard.

There are other flowers here which I cannot identify as I never saw them before in Kansas.


(Fern bush in our yard)


(Russian sage in our yard)



Jenny said...

Yup, we have some pretty weeds when it rains! LOL!

Buck said...

I'm with Jenny! Our rains have brought on some interesting sorts of blooms in these parts, but they're short-lived...

Bag Blog said...

I love sage, golden rod, cacti, etc. I hate to mow grass.

Linda Hillin said...

Interesting to see the plants in a drier climate. Just proves there's beauty everywhere if we look for it. I love the color of your house on the inside.

Towanda said...

Hi all. Thanks for all your comments. I know we are all enjoying the summer bits of color here in New Mexico. Buck - I saw the picture you posted of the flowers at your place, and they kind of look like the roadside flowers I posted from Pecos and can't identify.

Linda - Thank you for visiting my blog. Did you come from clairz's site? I think I saw a link to your site there. I will check out your blog site very soon.