Tuesday, August 26, 2008

St. Vincent's Hospital in Santa Fe

When we moved to Santa Fe, we knew there was one hospital and that we would lack a choice for our health care. On top of that, we had heard pros and cons about the services and reputation of the hospital. We were a little nervous but really too busy with our move to think much about it.

Then! Three months into our residency here, everything changed. I ended up in St. Vincent's as a patient in the Emergency Room and Intensive Care Unit for a almost a week. What happened to me there still feels like a miracle. From the afternoon that the Santa Fe County ambulance crew took me to the hospital until I was discarged 7 days later, I experienced a level of care and professionalism that literally saved my life. Even though I remember little of it, the people there could not have been more wonderful to my husband who was in the tough position of having to stand by and watch and wait and hope.

From the doctors to the nurses and support personnel, we are blessed to have St. Vincent's Regional Medical Center of Santa Fe as our hospital, and to know they are there should we ever need them in such a drastic capacity again.

I am recuperating at home now, I am sitting in the sun and getting back my strength and and looking at my mountains and thanking God for my life.

Viva St. Vincent's!


clairz said...

Good grief! I'm so sorry you've been ill and hope that your recovery goes well. I am sending best wishes your way.

Val said...

Your blog seemed kind of quiet, I was picturing you on a beach, not in the hospital! I hope you are feeling better very soon. It is good to know your experience at St. V's was good. I have also heard mixed reviews. When you have good people caring for you, it makes such a big difference!

Jenny said...

OMG!!! Glad you are ok! Had no idea you had been sick. Get better soon!

Buck said...

Wow. Thank God you're OK, Sharon, and thank God for St. Vincent's, as well.

Take it easy and get well. Soon. My thoughts are with you.

Towanda said...

Thanks you guys. I appreciate all of the nice comments. Every day gets better .... and it is SURE good to be back here with all of you!

Bag Blog said...

I'm glad you are doing better now - keep resting.

While living in Northern NM, we usually tried to go to Santa Fe or Los Alamos for any serious medical treatment. Most women had their babies either of those two places or they went to CO. Taos was the pits and to be avoided.

Towanda said...

I've heard many women tell me that they have had their babies at St. Vincent's and it was a good experience. The young man who wheeled my wheelchair out to the front entrance the day I was discharged was so proud to tell me that he was born at St. Vincent's.