Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I voted!

This is our first vote in New Mexico; that alone made this quite an exciting day! It is a glorious fall New Mexico day -- clear blue sky, sunshine, a little wind and the temperature in the 50's.

We arrived at our polling place -- Eldorado Elementary school -- around 10:00 a.m. Mid-morning is always a good time to go to the polls because most of the early morning rush is over.

There were 4 precincts voting at our polling location - and NO LINES. We didn't expect to be in and out so quickly.

Paper ballots are used at this polling location; I haven't used paper ballots in years. Everything was done in a professional and organized manner at our polling place. The poll workers were friendly and polite.

I voted straight Republican:

Senator McCain and Gov. Palin for President and Vice-President
Steve Pearce for U.S. Senate
Dan East for U.S. 3rd Congressional District

ALL the rest of the races were state and local -- and all were unopposed Democrats, so I didn't need to vote in those.

There were exit pollsters in the parking lot outside the school. I am not interested in exit polling, so I declined.

I LOVE election day ... I love going to the polls .. I love voting .. I love this all-American day. I always think on election day how fortunate we are to be living in this country where we can vote in free and open elections.

We must fight to keep our elections free and safe and constitutional.


DaveG said...

I am not interested in exit polling, so I declined.

I right there with you, although I often wonder how they score my extended driving finger. :-)

Jenny said...

I voted too! And for the same three you did (though we had a few more local elections that are tough this year).

Towanda said...

Dave! LOL!!! hahahahaha......

Jenny - Don't you just LOVE going to vote????

Kris, in New England said...

As I said at Buck's place:

I voted. Got in line at 5:55am and was on my way to work by 6:30am. It was a very empowering feeling.

Because - and I know this will be shocking - it's my first time. Voting.

Yes. As political as I am, it's my first time.

You see, I grew up in a religion that forbid it (long story). By the time I left organized religion, it was 1998. So I registered to vote in 2000 - then had to be on a business trip on Election Day that year, without enough advanced notice to send in an absentee ballot. On vacation in 2004 and same thing, came up suddenly and no time to file the absentee ballot.

So - for the first time in my life I voted today. I got a frisson of exciting energy as I filled in my little oval.

It was reminiscent of taking the SATs - with more pressure.

McCain/Palin - save our Republic.

Buck commented that I live in one of the bluest of the blue states - CT. I've never made a secret of the fact that I live in a liberal wasteland.

I like a challenge.

Towanda said...

Kris, I cannot tell you how proud I am of you! It is NEVER too late to start voting! And coming from the very liberal Northeast USA, I know just how hard it is to get enthused because it is so liberal there and conservative votes can seem pointless. (Many of my New York relatives are in the same boat as you.) But you did your duty, you voted for the best people for the job ... and you need to celebrate this wonderful first in your life. BRAVA!!!

Buck said...

Good On Ya, Sharon!! I fear NM will be "blue" this year, but it ain't because of a lack of trying on McCain's part. He was in Roswell last night and back in NM today... which is VERY unusual, campaigning on Election Day. I don't recall any candidate ever doing this.

I have my fingers, toes, legs, and eyes crossed for McCain (well, mebbe not the eyes...). I hope it's a looong, long night and victory is ultimately ours.

SoggyInSeattle said...

We voted last week (Republican) - However, I fear for our country as I sit here watching the closing of the polls. All we can do is pray for our country in the coming months/years.

Towanda said...

Soggy - That's exactly how I am feeling tonight. I am watching the election returns and wondering if people in this country seriously know what they have elected. And all I know to do is pray pray pray!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Red (from Lin's blog) Thought I'd let you know that Lin is doing quite well, now that she's fairly settled in her 'new' farm house. The move went well and almost all of the possessions got moved. The furry folks also made the move without any problems and seem to be also settled in. Lin is doing painting, etc. on the home, but nothing serious needing to be done on the home. Natural gas, good well, what else could anyone ask for. Hope you're doing well. I'll see if I can talk Lin into doing an open house. Red

Towanda said...

Oh, Red, it is SO GOOD to hear from you with news about Lin! I go to her blog every day to see if she has posted. Does she have computer access at all? Does she still have her old email address? I miss her so much! Please let her know I am thinking of her....

Buck said...

Ditto what Sharon sez about Lin, Red. And thanks.

Are ya feelin' OK today, Sharon? Hard night last night, to state the oh-so-obvious...

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon. Me again. Regarding your last blog, Sally and I are a fans of John and Sara. Those who voted Obama in have no idea who he is. A socialist, at least, etc. I'm on a Nam Pow's web site and those were were in the POW camps with John all said very positive things about. Those of us who were 'new guys' (FNG's)were never in the same camps with the 'old guys' (FOG's). I never met John until after all of the releases, but you could never doubt his loyalty to the USA.

Lin just got a tel. line and is trying to get her computer up and running. As far as I know, she'll keep her old e-m address. I'll let her know that you've asked about her. Does she have your tel. # and do you have mine. If not, we'll get it to you. We're in the East Mountain tel. book. We'll be out of town for the next few days, but my old office manager will be at our place.

I 'comment' with you when we get back. Red

Towanda said...

Buck -- Having a really tough time. I feel like we lost everything but the right to filibuster, which isn't much consolation. I am looking at the next two years ... we NEED to get the conservative movement re-organized and ready for the congressional elections in 2010. And I would like to see some tough leadership in Congress, but I'm not sure I see it happening.

Red - I think I did give Lin my tel. # at one time, so I hope she still has it. Actually, I may have yours somewhere ... I will look through my old emails for it. Tell Sally I said hi. Still looking forward to a meeting someday when Sally and I can talk nursing for hours and bore everyone. Thanks for posting the positive comments about John McCain. I consider him a national hero.

DaveG said...

I did it. Here's my new blog:


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