Friday, November 7, 2008

where's the change??

My blogger friend daveg has started a new blog following the presidential election.

He already has it full of good stuff to read. Warning: he is an unabashed conservative, so keep that in mind when you visit his site.

I think we conservatives are in tremendous need for outlets right now for our frustration and also to begin the rebuilding process.

I recommend daveg's site for any of you who fall into that group of people who want to rebuild for the future.

Dave's site:
where's the change??


DaveG said...

LOL, 'tis true. For the kinder, gentler me you will have to go to my flying blog.

Mostly what you'll see at Where's the Change is my deep frustration with an unaccountable government and an electorate that not only encourages but rewards bad behavior in our government. That, and a large dose of disgust with our press.

But I'll keep the language clean; I can offer you that much.

Buck said...

Thanks for the link, Sharon. I've joined the commentariat over at Dave's. ;-)