Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pecos Pueblo ruins

The Pueblo at Pecos was a thriving functioning pueblo along the Pecos River in Northern New Mexico for over 400 years. It was established sometime in the 14th century and abandoned in the 19th century.

It is all in ruins now, and you can take a trail through the pueblo grounds, look at the remains, gaze at beautiful scenery....and wonder what life was like here hundreds of years ago.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon. Looks like you're seeing more and more of NM. Very nice pictures ! Sally and I went to Mogollon two weeks ago. Neat old ghost town.

Linda is getting her computer close to operating. Kelly (our son) will be going over to her place to finish the job. I'll nag her to get back on the blog. Red

Towanda said...

Tell her if she does not get on that blog immediately after getting her computer on line she will have a whole lot of people to answer too!!!!

Oh I do miss her so much -- tell her that, will you, and maybe that will get her back here sooner.

Thanks for keeping us informed, Red ... she is so lucky to have you two looking out for her. Give Sally my love.

Mogollon goes on our list for a visit now....

Anonymous said...

Me again. Kelly and I are going to Linda's place tomorrow am so that Kelly can get her up and running. Also, I'll nag her some more. I'll let you know how the computer work went. Red

Towanda said...

Thanks so much for all the updates, Red. And hey - this is kind of late, but HAPPY VETERAN'S DAY to you .... God bless you for your service to our country!

Give Lin a BIG HUG from me!