Friday, December 4, 2009

Snowy day on Interstate 40 from Tucumcari to Cline's Corners

Wednesday night we spent the night in Tucumcari, NM on our way home from Texas. Cold night but clear skies.

The next morning we woke to 4" of snow on the ground, and heavy snow falling. We heard that the interstate was in bad shape with accidents and traffic backed up for 8 miles due to a wreck.

Cancel our travel plans until the weather cleared ... or press on? John is a good snow driver - we decided to continue our trip home. It took us an hour and a half sitting in line just to get onto I-40, and then progress was really slow, just creeping along on terrible road conditions, with snow falling and blowing hard and being surrounded by 18 wheelers.

It took us 4 hours to make the two how trip to Cline's Corner's where we stopped for lunch before the final part of the trip from Cline's Corner's to Santa Fe. Amazingly the road north was clear, which was a great relief considering the morning we had already experienced. It was so great to be home!

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Buck said...

Like I said over at my place... it's incredible the difference a mere 80 miles makes. Glad you made it home safe.