Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Delivering a message to the Attorney General

On Weds. May 12, about 100 New Mexico tea party activists gathered at the New Mexico state capitol building. A committee of five people delivered a stack of nearly 4,000 petition signatures from all over the state to Gray King, the New Mexico attorney general, to ask him to get New Mexico into the lawsuit asking the courts to overturn the Obama health care bill as unconstitutional. (There are alreaady 21 states participating in the lawsuit.) The attorney general's response was that he is "still looking at it."

After their meeting with the AG, the committee returned to the west front of the Roundhouse where a press conference and rally was held.

It was a brilliantly sunny New Mexico day, but the wind was brisk and chilly. Spirits, however, were high. I met tea party people from all over the state: Albuquerque, the East Mountains, Clovis, Los Lunas, Farmington, and of course Santa Fe.

Now we await some decision from the Attorney General. As one of the committee members, attorney Randy Bevis told the crowd, "WE have a deadline ~~ November 2."


Miles Littlefield from the Santa Fe Tea Party was the emcee of the press conference:

John, Kathy, Sherry, and Fran at the sign table:

Adam Kokesh, candidate for U.S. Congress, talking to voters:

Char Tierney from the East Mountain Tea Party being interviewed by the media:

Sylvia Bokor, president of the Albuquerque Tea Party, addresses the crowd:

Dr. Rick Morlen, a physician from Albuquerque speaks to the crowd:

Former Rep. Heather Wilson is speaking:

A group of schoolchildren getting a civics lesson:


WasSoggyInSeattle said...

Hubby read an article in the Dallas newspaper that AT&T is thinking of not providing healthcare for its employees - they spend $3.7 billion on healthcare annually and the fee for not providing it is something like $600 million so they could save $3 billion a year by not providing and letting everyone get picked up by the Obama's plan.

Nice, huh?

Not sure they will do it but according to the article they contemplating it.

Brian Hosenfeld said...

Even if the AG says no I'm not going to contest the Constitutionality of the bill, at least you've forced him to take a stand. I'd push the issue like hell until he gave an up or down. Just one more knock if he says no and one more state to the long list if he says yes. Its a win/win for the Tea Party and more importantly for the people of NM and the United States.

Good work. Lets hope the rest of the States have the same movement occuring.