Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Pueblo of Zuni

On April 30, the last day of our journey through western New Mexico, we had time to drive south from Gallup to the Zuni Reservation, and we were glad we did. We had no idea the area Zuni was so breathtakingly lovely.

Zuni is located at the far west central part of the state, 150 miles west of Albuquerque, in McKinley and Cibola counties, encompassing 450,000 acres. Zuni lands range from 6,000 to 8000 feet in elevation, and there are many areas of hunting and fishing on the Zuni reservation. The actual town of Zuni is fairly good-sized, with schools, shops, and a hospital.

We just had time to do a drive through, but wished we had more time to explore the reservation, and also to contact our friends who live out there and work in the pueblo as teachers.

Zuni is definitely worth another trip!

The drive from Gallup to Zuni:

The Zuni reservation:

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