Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Counting down the days

Oh! The past few weeks have been busy! (I haven’t had time for so many of my online habits, like visiting all of the blogs I generally frequent daily.)

First of all, buying the new house is just one email, phone call, amended agreement, proposal and counter proposal after another. There are deadlines every day for which stuff must be done. I am glad our real estate agent in Santa Fe keeps us up to date on what comes next. I just don’t remember all this paperwork and deadlines when we bought our previous houses in Texas, Michigan and Kansas.

Then there is our house here in the Midwest, which still requires so much work to be done before we are ready to put it on the market. We are aiming for mid-April. Things are starting to look really good as far as the remodeling. The kitchen is coming together and really looks awesome. What concerns me is the garage full of stuff that needs to get tossed out (<---- my solution) or sorted through.

While John is working on the remodeling, I am cleaning and cleaning and cleaning so this house is spotless when we put it up for sale. And I am still finding things to get rid of to lighten our load when we pack up to head west.

A radon test (two of them actually) turned up elevated radon gas levels in the new house and the sellers have agreed to pay for the remediation. That will occur after closing.

Next thing on the schedule: closing on the house on April 11, which will mean another trip to Santa Fe to do a walk through of the house, sign the closing papers ….. And finally finally finally GET OUR KEYS TO THE HOUSE!!!!!

I keep telling myself throughout my busy days here: “This is really happening!!!!”

(Edit: Just noticed that in the picture above, you can see the backside of me taking off my boots to enter the house..)


Buck said...

Hmmm. I sense a HUGE garage sale coming in the near future. ;-)

Lin said...

Oh gawd, if only I could be hanging around the alley when you throw out that good stuff! Yes, it's all good stuff to a shameless junk hound.

Since this place had nothing worth inspecting on it, I had forgotten what it was like to deal with buying a residence. Oh my! But soon it will be a done deal so hang on!