Monday, March 31, 2008

In the home stretch

Okay, we’re ready.

The end of March is here, the emails and phone calls are winding down, the paperwork is in, our loan is approved, the repairs to the house have been made by the seller, and we are in the home stretch for closing.

We will go to Santa Fe on April 9, do a walk through of the house on April 10, and sign the closing papers on April 11. Then our dream becomes our reality ~ we will own our home in New Mexico.

John has told his boss that he is moving out of state, and that he would like to postpone his retirement for several months and work from the remote location, so that he can continue working on the project he loves at work. They were receptive to his idea.

We have not set the moving date yet. At the top of our list: call some moving companies for bids. We hope to move in the middle of May, if not just a little sooner! MAY!!! That is right around the corner!

We are working like crazy to get our house here ready to put on the market, and we are tired and trying not to bitch at each other. The major remodeling is almost done, and there are a LOT of little jobs to be done. I am cleaning every inch of this house.

We have a great second hand furniture store near us, so we wandered around it last Thursday night and bought a couple of chairs in like-new condition. A stuffed comfortable chair for relaxing and reading. And a dining room chair that we didn’t need but that we liked the almost-Southwestern design of. All purchases now are planned according to how they will look and where they will go in the new house.

There are two guys here today installing new gutters on the outside of the house … and my dogs are barking insanely….this could go on for several hours. It is very windy here … I am watching to make sure they don’t blow off their ladders.

Tonight I am going out with some of my friends from dog rescue for our weekly Whine and Dine at a local restaurant. I need the chance to sit down and unwind. We are going to a Mexican place … imagine me voting for Mexican when in a month or so I can eat New Mexican cuisine to my heart’s content.

Oh … and one more thing…. MY KANSAS JAYHAWKS ARE GOING TO THE FINAL FOUR next week! ROCK CHALK!!!


Buck said...

May is indeed "right around the corner!" Way-Cool! Dontcha just love it when a plan comes together?

Lin said...

Hope you get the house listed soon. Ours sold TOO quickly and it really put us in a bind, a costly one. But everything seems to be falling into place at just the right time for you two and that is so very cool.

Towanda said...

Buck: Yes, we were saying that the other day ..... this has really come together exactly as planned. It has gone a whole lot more smoothly than we expected.

Lin: I am married to this man who is a perfectionist and he is not going to put this house on the market until he gets every single little thing DONE. The goal now is the end of April...we'll see.