Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Snow in Santa Fe

Here are a few pictures that John took in early March when he was in Santa Fe for the home inspection. Not sure where the first one was taken...but that is definitely not our new house in the picture. LOL. (Remember that you can click on all pictures to enlarge them.)

This was the view of the mountains from his hotel room on Cerrillos Road:

And this was taken on a drive he took up the mountain:


Buck said...

Ooooh...snow! I love snow... as long as it's in photos. Or on teevee. ;-)

clairz said...

I thought of you yesterday when we went up to Pecos. We could see far-off snowcapped mountains everywhere we looked. The air was so wonderful! Each breath smelled like pines and junipers and distant snow. It seemed like the most beautiful place on earth.

Towanda said...

Buck: LOL

clairz: Oh I love Pecos! It is not very far from where we will be living ... and I am looking forward to exploring Glorieta, Pecos, and Las Vegas. I'd like to do some hiking at Hermit's Peak near Las Vegas. And we want to spend some time at Villanueva State Park between Pecos and Las Vegas. It is a very beautiful area on NM 3.