Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Y'all come on in!

Here are some pictures of our new home in Santa Fe.

We are so thrilled with our good luck in finding this perfect house..

This is going to be such a fun house to live in!


Buck said...

The current owners did a superb job of decorating, no? I love all the tile!! The flooring, and the other decorative stuff, especially in the bath. The exposed beams are yet another very "New Mexican" touch that I simply love, as well.

You make me wanna change my lifestyle, Sharon!! What a beautiful home... Great choice!

Bag Blog said...

Ah, vigas and lattias, satillo tile, large windows - makes me miss my home in NM. You will love your new home.

Lin said...

No wonder you two are thrilled - that house is just lovely (and even looks ready to move in)!

Towanda said...

Thanks for the nice responses you guys.

The house IS nearly perfect - the owners have taken excellent care of it .. it is in like-new move in ready condition ... and it was just such a sweet deal (priced below the market to sell) and we are still shocked that our timing was so good in showing up before anyone else had had much chance to look at at. We are thinking we got a really extraordinary deal.