Friday, February 29, 2008

Santa Fe - Best restaurants in the world!

Every time we go to Santa Fe, we look forward to the food!

We eat at some of our favorite places, but always try to go someplace where we have never been.

Last week in Santa Fe, we ate at our old favorites: La Choza, Tortilla Flats, Harry’s Roadhouse, and Blake’s Lotaburger (twice!)

But we tried some new places and all of them were great!

Diego’s Café is in the DeVargas Mall, and we found that their New Mexican food is awesome! We will be going back there often. They had excellent green chile…yumm!

We had breakfast one day at Adelita’s, just down Cerrillos Road from our hotel. What a fun place: VERY colorful décor, and great breakfast menu. I think their tortillas are handmade on the premises, and are so good. Really nice employees there.

One night we were headed for downtown Santa Fe, but there was a blackout in the entire downtown area, so we went back down south on Cerrillos Rd. We had heard Los Potrillos was good, so we stopped there. It was jam packed crowded because of the blackout downtown, but it was kind of a festive atmosphere and everyone was having a good time; and the wait was only about 20 minutes. We had heard good things about this restaurant, but I wasn't totally crazy about it: it was authentic Mexican and not New Mexican ... and I missed the green chile. Not sure I would go back again; too many other choices!

We even tried a new Oriental restaurant, Bamboo Asian Cuisine on Cerrillos Rd., where we had a really decent dinner from the Mongolian Grill.


An aside…..not a restaurant but a food item - on our last day in New Mexico, we were in Old Town Albuquerque, and I bought a bag of Green Chile Garlic Pistachios from The Eagle Ranch in Alamogordo. Wow - they were really good - I think after I move to New Mexico, I shall send some of those to friends and family around the country to give them a taste of New Mexico.


Val said...

When my husband I am moved to Santa Fe 7 years ago we happened upon Diegos soon after we arrived. We were so taken with the restaurant and the decor (and a specific poster in the restaurant), I looked around everywhere in town for a duplicate poster - one of jackrabbits running around a pick-up truck. We eventually found a copy of the poster (signed by the artist) and it is hanging in our living room. Glad you enjoyed so many great restaurants! Bamboo is one of my new favorites.

Towanda said...

Hi Val.
Diego's had been recommended to us by one of my husband's business contacts who lives in Santa Fe. We probably wouldn't have even gone there until after our move, but we happened to be at DeVargas Center right at lunchtime...and were so glad we went there. The green chile had a really nice bite. And the wait staff was really friendly. We'll be going back there a lot, I think. Next time we go I will look for the poster with the jackrabbits and truck.

Bag Blog said...

Going to Santa Fe for us was like a trip to the big city. My kids wanted to eat at Red Lobster - we had all the good Mexican food we wanted in Taos and Red River and wanted something different when we were in SF :) We ate at Blakes Lota Burger in Taos quite often. If you are in Alb. sometime, try Sadies.

Towanda said...

Hi Lou!
I always laugh when we go to Santa Fe...seeing they have a Taco Bell amongst all the GREAT authentic places. The fast food places there look crowded just like they look everywhere in the country.

I have heard a lot about Sadie's ... it seems to be on everyone's list of favorites. Now it's on my list to "to try" places.