Wednesday, February 20, 2008

House Hunting Feb. 2008

Today is the day we fly to Albuquerque and drive to Santa Fe. Tomorrow we will continue our hunt for the perfect house. Well, perfect for us, anyway.

We have done a lot of homework on the internet and already have sent our realtor a list of homes we want to look at. We'll see about a dozen houses and then narrow it down to a few favorites that we want to look over again. Maybe by the end of the weekend we will be set to make our big decision and make an offer. It's a very exciting time for us because we have waited so long.

This will be another all-business weekend, but we still have to eat, so the anticipation of visiting our favorite restaurants is almost as enticing as the house hunt.

I will be back next week to report how everything went.


Buck said...

Good luck, Sharon! I hope you find that dream house this weekend!

Lin said...

Sharon, we hope you find that perfect house and get it all wrapped up before you fly home. If you don't, then the perfect place hasn't emerged yet. Hopefully it will for you. We just had to wait a little longer than expected but it did happen.

clairz said...

Sharon, I can't wait to hear the results of your trip, and I'll bet your fans all over the country are waiting, too!


Val said...

It is a great time to be buying! I hope you found something good.

Towanda said...

Thanks for all the comments, you guys.

Buck, the house we found is truly our dream house. It has everything we were looking for. Details soon....

Lin, it was so cool how smoothly it all went. Which led to the good feeling that this was meant to be the house for us.

clairz, how many times I thought of so many of you who did this ahead of me and made the move and were happy about it. You guys were my inspiration as these long months seemed to drag on!

Val, the market was MUCH better than 4 months ago when we were out in Santa Fe searching. Many houses have been lowered in price, and the one we chose was a very sweet deal - motivated sellers and some real estate people who gave them good advice about selling their house agressively. And our timing was perfect - the house was on the market for only 9 days (pretty amazing for Eldorado) and we were told there were several other interested buyers - so we know we have a house with good resale value...and we were bolder than we usually are and didn't hesitate to make an offer before someone else did.