Monday, February 18, 2008

Winfield Townley Scott

Quoted in The Spell of New Mexico, reprinted from Exiles and Fabrications, 1957:

"If, as I intend, I go on living in New Mexico, I suppose I shall know it far better than I do now, but I suppose I shall never again see it as clearly as during my first year. And what is there about this land which sets travelers to altering their schedules and overstaying? What is there, more forcefully still, that has seized on astonishing numbers of people who came to look, and then put down their luggage and remained? As it has upon me."


"This old-world look, in such plenitude, of course provides a large part of the charm of the place, and the look is native, true, not a deliberation of quaintness. Yet I think, first of all, the magic is in the land itself, the magnificent stretches and towers of land."


The breadth and height of the land, its huge self and itse huge sky, strike you like a blow. There are those who at once dislike it; in a kind of dismay at so much inhuman space, they flee from it. There are more who at first can do nothing but stand and stare. Yes, I thought, this is a part of my country and wholly different from the countryside I have so long known; this is what I entered without really being able to imagine it. Wind-blown, dry, half-barren, shining, the landscape vaulted about us as our friends drove us to Santa Fe from the station at Lamy."

~~Winfield Townley Scott~~


Anonymous said...

Hey.... this Sally...friend of Lin's (if the creek don't rise) She tells me you are going to be house hunting in Santa Fe...You really should consider around Albq. in the mtns. maybe....where we is also cheaper living out of S.F. I'm not sure where Eldorado is. We have a guest house that you could use as a base if you like. We are about 60 mi. South of Santa Fe in the Sandias. If you want to chat, my e-mail is

Lin said...

Geez, that ought to get Sally some SPAM at her e-mail. But they do know the area if you want some good nesting ideas. You'll love them both.

These quotes are GREAT!

Towanda said...

Sally and Lin ~ Do you two know how WONDERFUL it is to know we are moving to a place where we already have friends who care about us? That is the neatest feeling in the world.

Today is traveling day - we'll get to Santa Fe late tonight. House-hunting will begin tomorrow. We have a good idea what we want and have researched homes on the net, so MAYBE we will buy a house this weekend!

Sally - I will email you when I get home from my trip next week. Eldorado is a large community of about 2400 homes on 1-2 acre lots about 12 miles southeast of Santa Fe. We've liked the area and wanted to retire there for many years now.

Catmoves said...

Hi Towanda. Sorry about being remiss in visiting, but there was a good reason. At least to me.
When I first arrived in N.M., I too, lived in Santa Fe.
It took a year or two to sink in to me that if I wanted to support my family in the style they liked, I'd better move to Albq.
Turned out to be a pretty good move, too.
Welcome to the Land of Enchantment.

Towanda said...

catmoves! It is so good to hear from you ... been worried since we have not heard from you for a while.

We love Albuquerque too, and it was a close second choice for us (living there in 1970 was my first experience in New Mexico and I have been enchanted ever since) ... but we can't seem to resist the pueblo architecture of the homes in Eldorado at Santa Fe. If it gets too expensive, maybe we'll do the same thing you did.

We're flying to Albuquerque tonight to head up to Santa Fe and look for a house ... I am so excited I am about to burst!