Saturday, February 9, 2008

John DeWitt McKee

Quoted in The Spell of New Mexico, reprinted from the New Mexico Quarterly 27, no.3 (Autumn 1957):

"It is the land that holds us here. It is the unrelenting land, this great fierce, challenging, canyon-gutted, mesa-muscled land, which holds us and gives us space enough to write a life on--and leaves it to us whether we have courage enough and faith to fill the page."

~~John DeWitt McKee~~


Lin said...

How accurate, how eloquently succinct.

But how is it that I find filling each page of life out here so much easier than filling just one small page of a blog? The latter is where my courage is most often tested.

Towanda said...

Oh I don't know Lin, your story of life out there is being very well told in your blog ... and it is inspiring me in these last months before our move.

Keep writing, girlfriend....but more importantly, keep LIVING the dream out there.