Friday, February 1, 2008

The Dow Jones and me.

I haven’t been here for a long time. Just didn’t have the energy to be real positive about things.

I really know practically nothing about the stock market, but I do know my husband. And when he looks worried, I worry.

Seems like we have spent way too long now watching the stock market and where it seems to be headed. For a while things were getting so bad I was envisioning my dream home becoming a two-room abode “fixer-upper”. haha…nervous laugh…

Things are a little better now. The market seems to have stabilized some and we didn't lose our shirts. The houses in Eldorado are coming down a little in price … and there are more of them going on the market every day.

We are taking advantage of a great buyer’s market….and when we make our trip to Santa Fe later this month, looks like we are in a good position to find a house that is just what we are looking for.

IF Wall Street cooperates.


Buck said...

While we're not in the same position (e.g., I've no plans to buy a house anytime soon), I've been watching the market closely of late, as well. And I've been "letting it ride," for better or worse. Which scares the HELL out of me, since my asset allocation is about 95/5, equities to cash.

I've survived several market calamities in the past, but at this point in life... it'd be just a little bit late to start over.

Lin said...

I can understand your angst over the market. It has spooked me for a few years now but I hope it stays stable until you can throw some of it into your new place. Looks like you still have a good declining house market window to operate in.

This is NOT the time to be getting all down and worried - you are on the verge of the best move you ever made! Just keep plowing away on your present home to maximize the return and remember that it's the sizzle that sells the steak, no matter if it's chuck or tenderloin. This is the time for you to be getting pumped up about this!

Towanda said...

Thanks for the support you guys!

I am starting to get excited as we are planning our trip out to NM to check out the available houses ... probably in three weeks.

There is a lot of inventory on the market ... and we pretty much know just what we want and this is going to get really fun.

And as for my blog post ... well it looks like the market has settled down and recovered a little bit .... not that I understand a thing as crazy as the stock market anyway!

Lin: I will keep that lookout for Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson ... maybe the house right next door to them is for sale and we can become buddies and barbecue together and stuff. LOL

Catmoves said...

I hope you find just the right house, Towanda.
A question: What will you name it?
Something else: N.M. is known as the "Land Of Manana". We will get around to doing things, it just takes time. >(^..~)<