Monday, February 11, 2008

Lawrence Clark Powell

Quoted in The Spell of New Mexico, reprinted from Southwest Review, 1957:

"Sum it up. The spirit of religion, the sense of layered history, the enormous beauty of landscape under the blue and white sky and the starry darkness, a land of many-cultured richness lived in for at least a millenium and yet still sparsely-peopled--these are some of the essences that northern New Mexico holds for me and which I find nowhere else on earth. Land of enchantment, land of nourishment, land of many good returns."

~~Lawrence CLark Powell~~


Lin said...

Yes ma'am ... what he said!
I have yet to feel any urge to back track or go back in time to any place before.

Towanda said...

Lots of people think we are crazy for making this move in our lives at this point. And I just can't seem to put it into words that make any sense to them. I just know for us it is the TIME to do this, and I have no regrets about leaving here or any other place I have ever lived.