Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The church at Macho Valley, New Mexico

Macho Valley, NM is on the road between Pecos and Cowles, NM. There is not much there, but there is a COOL little church right at the roadside.


Bag Blog said...

I love old church buildings and NM has lots. If you drive up to Wagonmound there are some cool old buildings. There used to be a good cafe in the old downtown area. Then turn west and head to Ocate. There are some really old buildings and a wonderful old church. I have painted several of these buildings. You can actually drive from Ocate over the mountain to Black Lake and Angel Fire - beautiful drive!

Towanda said...

Lou ~ We went that way one time! We came down from Colorado through Raton, and turned off at Wagon Mound to go through Ocate and Mora and on to Red River that way. Wow! I loved that area ... the area around Mora where Jenny goes is so neat.

I have been taking pictures of churches for years, now in NM I am in my glory!