Friday, July 18, 2008

Zia license plate and Curves

Two big events today...

We went to the MVDExpress site to pick up our New Mexico license plates. John chose the newer license plate with the hot air balloon on it, but I have waited 38 years to have one of the old Zia plates on my car, and NOW I DO!

After we got our license plates John dropped me off at Curves, for my first visit since our move to Santa Fe. It seemed really strange, since I felt so much at home at my Overland Park Curves, but the ladies there were all very nice.

They have a spacious pleasant facility. They have two less machines than my old Curves, and the music wasn't loud enough, but I know I will feel at home there and meet some good people and it already feels great to be working out again.


Buck said...

I always laugh at the "USA" appended to New Mexico on our plates. But there's good reason for putting it there!

Congrats, Sharon! Your really ARE home now!

(I still have Texas plates on my car. Dunno if or when I'll become a "real" New Mexican.)

Towanda said...

I fee like today was the official beginning of our New Mexico residency....I am a New Mexican for sure now!

I love the USA on the plate, too, Buck. Makes me smile when I see it.

Catmoves said...

Towanda, I once tried to open an account with a manufacturer in upstate New York. Everything went swimmingly until we got to my address part.
"Oh, sir," the lady said, "I'm afraid we can't sell to you."
"Why not?" I growled. Her reply took the edge off the situation and left me laughing.
"Sir, we don't have an export license."

Towanda said...

cat! Oh my ... the "One of our Fifty is Missing" stories became personal for you!

Eeek. Upstate New York. That's where I was born and grew up. I can vouch for the fact that at least back in those days when I lived there they really were unaware that there was anything west of the Mississippi River except California and Hawaii.

I had my own experience today when our realtor back in Kansas called, and after all these weeks of constant phone calls, emails, faxs, etc. she actually said to me: "So. How are you liking Arizona?"

I personally like the fact that New Mexico is a well-kept secret. ;)

Laurel said...

I notice the Curves visit follows the post of Chocolate Maven.
;-) lol

Towanda said...

You noticed that, eh Laurel?